If you are contemplating filing for bankruptcy, it is important to find competent representation.  A competent bankruptcy attorney should not only know bankruptcy law, but he or she should also be also able to explain the process to you.   With the help of an experienced bankruptcy attorney from Legal Objective, the myths and mystery regarding this legal form of debt relief can be quickly and easily dispelled.   For example, most people are concerned about their credit after bankruptcy.  Let?s face it, if you?re considering a filing, your credit score (fico score) is probably already in big trouble, or it soon will be. A discharge of your debts through bankruptcy will cause a positive shift in your income to debt ratio often resulting in a slight increase to your credit score.  By following our post bankruptcy filing advice, you should be able to rebuild your credit within one year.

Did you know that your 401k, IRA and other qualified retirement accounts are completely protected in bankruptcy?  Don?t ever liquidate these accounts to pay your creditors without first talking with an experienced bankruptcy attorney.  Did you know that you can almost always keep your home, your car and many other items that you may fear losing?

If you are doing any of the following, you need to speak with a competent bankruptcy attorney;

Taking money out of retirement programs to pay debt;
Borrowing money from banks, taking out cash advances from credit cards, dealing with payday lenders;
Selling real estate or other assets to pay debt or to keep the asset out of a creditor?s reach;
Borrowing money from friends and family;
Drawing down bank accounts to pay dis chargeable debt;
Getting sued, or garnished or attached;
If you are dealing with unpleasant phone calls, nasty letters and stress caused by debt collectors.

Most people going through financial difficulties believe that better times are just around the corner, and ?If I can just get through things until?? it will be all better.  Let?s face it, the economy is terrible, there is no longer a social stigma associated with a bankruptcy filing. It is likely that many of your family members, friends and neighbors have already filed for bankruptcy, and are now happily living their lives debt free.  Did you know Walt Disney, Henry Ford and even Abraham Lincoln found it necessary to file for bankruptcy

If you are considering filing for bankruptcy you are probably already bankrupt, but just have not yet filed. Once our clients see how painless a bankruptcy filing can be, the majority wish they would have filed sooner. The sooner you file, the sooner you can move on from the stress and anxiety debt causes. Do not live in denial, take control of you financial future and get the fresh start that you deserve. The legal team at Legal Objective understands the stress and emotional despair that credit problems cause. We will be sure to make your case a priority and you will never be ?just another number? at this law firm.