Litigation is often a futile effort and a waste of time and money for a homeowner.  Did the financial institutions act inappropriately?  The answer is clearly, yes.  Did the financial institutions act illegally?  The answer is often, maybe.  Is it worth bringing litigation against the financial institutions to attempt to save your home?  The answer is, probably not.  Litigation is costly, risky, and often gets a homeowner nowhere in their efforts to save their home.  It has become abundantly clear that the financial institutions have no fear of litigation, that they have enormous legal resources and finances that dwarf those of your average consumer.  Although, the consumer?s position in mortgage related litigation is often arguable, what is certain is that the financial institutions will almost certainly out spend you.  Sadly, the financial wealth of a potential defendant in litigation must be considered before engaging them in litigation.  I often observe distressed homeowners spending ridiculous amounts of money litigating with lenders over what is truly a worthless home.  The reality is that distressed homeowners borrowed money to make speculative investments in real estate and many are now unable to repay the debt.  I do believe that homeowners have been wronged by the giant financial institutions, but I have observed very little progress on the part of the homeowner in our court systems.  As always, one must choose one?s opponent wisely, and the financial giants have proven to be worthy adversaries.